Disposal of Salvage

Salvage Services provide a Nationwide Salvage and Disposal service for Vehicles, HGV’s, Agricultural and Construction Machinery.

Our services include salvage recovery, storage and environmentally complete vehicle End of Life Management.

We can dispose of category A, B, C and D vehicles in a number of different ways as agreed with our principal.

  • The salvage price can be agreed with the principals inspecting engineer.
  • The salvage price can be derived as a percentage of the vehicles pre accident value.
  • Salvage can be sold by internet auction.
  • We can email pictures and descriptions to a pre-approved panel of salvage bidders and the individual with the highest offer will be notified that they have been successful in their bid

Salvage Services ensure that all end of life vehicles (ELV) are processed and disposed of in accordance with the Waste Management (End-Of-Life) Regulations 2006, through our network of licensed facilities. Each vehicle is de-polluted removing all hazardous materials. The vehicle is then crushed, baled and the steel sent to the mills for further processing and recycling. Certificates of destruction are then issued in line with legalisation.

Insurance Companies
We provide collection, secure storage and environmentally friendly disposal services for numerous Insurance companies, lease companies, rental fleets and individual contractors.

Salvage Services are a fully licensed Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) and hold up to date waste facility permit and waste collection permit.