Salvage Management

The Salvage Services Salvage Management Partnership is developed in tandem with each individual clients needs.

Drawing from our wealth of experience and our broad spectrum of services, we can offer a salvage management package that is suitable to each client’s specific requirements. We currently work with a  number of leading Insurance companies as their sole salvage partner throughout Ireland and where required in the UK and across Europe. Our service is fully traceable using our customised vehicle handling software (VHS).

Contact us today to discuss how our Salvage Management Partnership can benefit your business and services to your customers.

Benefits of our Salvage Management Package

  • Increased financial return combined with decreased financial outlay for our client insurance companies.
  • Tasks involved with arranging collection of crashed vehicles are not borne by the Insurance Company.
  • Initial recovery cost paid on collection by Salvage Services
  • Customers vehicle is stored in safe and free storage while claim is being processed irrespective of how long negotiations take.
  • Vehicle can be returned to owner at any time.
  • Close working relations with all engineers. Immediate notification on inspection thus eliminating storage.
  • With over 20 years experience in the industry, Salvage Services have developed good working relationships with holding garages throughout the country.
  • The customer receives only one cheque from the insurance company and is not burdened with organising disposal of the salvage.
  • All end of life vehicles disposed of in accordance with waste management regulations 2006.
  • Fully licensed Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF), with an up to date waste facility permit and waste collection permit issued by Offaly County Council.
  • All communication relating to each vehicle is stored and tracked through our customised vehicle handling software (VHS).